Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for a great competition! See you next year!

4-way Formation Skydiving (Open)

1st Prize: Arizona Airspeed // 2nd Prize: SDC Rhythm XP // 3rd Prize: Evolution

4-way VFS (Open)

1st Prize: SD Nexus // 2nd Prize: Evolution // 3rd Prize: Arizona Arsenal

Freefly (Open)

1st Prize: Antigravity XP // 2nd Prize: 2 Legit 2 Quit // 3rd Prize: Renegades

NeoFreestyle (Open)

1st Prize: Mikhail Razomazov // 2nd Prize: Guillaume Boileau // 3rd Prize: Jonathan Townsager

Indoor Skydiving World Championships Categories


4-way Formation Skydiving (Amateur)

1st Prize: Vertical Horizons FS // 2nd Prize: JSF Team 1 // 3rd Prize: JSF Team 2

NeoFreestyle (Kids)

1st Prize: Noah Wittenburg // Saif Nasser // Yu Xuan Lye (Flying Sheep)


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