For the first time ever, iFly Singapore will be shaking up the competition! The Indoor Skydiving Championships will be a knock out format with extensive coverage on ESPN and Star Sports.

Competition Day 1

Teams will complete eight qualifying rounds each, five of those rounds will take place on the first day of competition.

Competition Day 2

The last three qualifying rounds will take place at the start of Competition Day 2. After the scores are compiled, the teams who fail to place in the top eight teams will not be competing in the semi-finals.

There will be a new draw (for the formation categories) after the qualifiers, for semi-finals and finals. The three semi-final rounds will take place in the afternoon of Competition Day 2. The top four teams from the semi-finals will battle it out at the finals on the Sunday morning (16 Dec).

Competition Day 3

The finals of each discipline will take place on Sunday morning. The team with the highest accumulated scores from all rounds in each discipline will be declared the winner. After the finals we will set some time aside for skydiving performances, fun flying and setting new world records. Prize Giving Ceremony will take place mid-afternoon on Sunday 16th, followed by a party to end off the event.

If the original discipline has eight teams or less, there will be no semi-finals and competitors will head straight into the finals.